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Swivel seal 'cheat'

Les Henson

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;) I am very aware over our love for Land Rovers but sometimes fellows listen to Les. He might sound "Cheap" and " Short-cutted"but believe me 99.00000001% of the times, he is right!! Why get into a hustle when you can short cut a move? <_< . His standard deviation is quite minimal!! Les I am behind your trick. It did help me out of my woes!!! B)
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i regularly do this of daf 4tonners at work. done carefully it does the job and is the accepted method of repair. as the seals are a 'little' bigger we cut as les did but with a diagonal aswel, to add greater surface area for sealing compound, and with the cut at the top of the ball there shouldnt be any problem anyway, not tried it on a rover axle yet but can see the advantage. unless we are doing swivel bearings/balls at the same time i dont bother fully stripping the axle down, remove mounting bolts for calliper and individually the mountings for brake line join on top swivel mount-(putting the bolts back in) bungy calliper to spring, undo swivel mountings for ball onto casing slide the hole lot out, including the half shaft. do yer stuff chuck it all back together again. doesnt take 5 minutes after the bazzilionth time of doing them. (thats five minutes in a non literal sense)

i agree with dantd5, very practical sound advice/guidance on all of les's tech items


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I think its a great idea splitting the seal, but I've always found that there was an underlying problem causing the leak usually pitted balls, if I get the chance to do it I'll be having a go at it.

I'd say that one of the plus points about actually removing the ball from the axle is that you get chance to unstick the nasty 12 point bolts and get them changed out for new and get the heads liberally coated with grease and waxoyle. I've always managed to remove with a 14mm spanner and a mallet/jack. I didn't actually know they where a BSF size, I might be needing a new spanner in the collection...

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