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Stromberg Tuning Tools


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Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone has any idea where i can buy a set of tuning tools for setting the mixture on the Stromberg Carbs on a V8. Now i need both tools; the allen key thing and the other tool which has a round thing with a slot so to speak.

I have run an internet search and managed to find only the allen key head..

but since i have one carb adjusting with an allen and the other one adjusting with the round thing contraption it is pretty useless to get one and not the other... cannot really adjust one carb only i guess

Any advice where i can get a set of these tools or anyone has a set for sale will be appreciated


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Hello there,

I got my set from "Sealey". The set contains a range of tools to adjust various carbs, they worked well on my V8's Strombergs.

Item Number VS050 www.sealey.co.uk or sales@sealey.co.uk

Best wishes

Tony :)

110 V8i CSW

Discovery 200 Series V8i GS

Discovery 300 Series V8i ES

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thanks for the feedback guys

just ordered a set from Gower and Lee the carb specialist....

thanks snoopy nice set you got there... did not see that before to be honest with you... pretty much can tune any kind of carb with that set..

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