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D1 central locking


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My '92 D1 central locking packed up yesterday. Doors opened ok but I was getting an unusual ticking noise from the drivers door. Now the ticking has stopped but the key only unlocks the drivers door and the central locking is not triggered (or by using the inner lock plunger).

Had the trim off and there's a cooks matches sized box in the door with rod to the door lock and wires out the other end which is now prime suspect.

Anyone got any hints/tips before I go further.

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I think the drivers door unit controls switching for all the others and IIRC if it goes phut then nothing works. Your prime suspect is likely to get convicted and sentenced to life in a skip :)

Cheers Steve. Any idea what I should be asking for in classified or are they cheap enough to just buy and fit new?

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"Drivers door locking actuator" would be what I would call it but I don't know if that is the proper term. IIRC they are about £70 or so new? or maybe I just dreamed that figure up, would pay to check but that sort of wafted through my mind as I read the question :)

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If it's the actuator that's gone and the set-up is the same as a 300tdi you can replace it with this unit from Maplin:

5 Way Actuator

I definitely know that you can replace the other door actuators with this one:

2 Way Actuator

I did the job myeslf in half-an-hour. The part was a direct replacement and only cost £10 - while you're at it you can get yourself some replacement lock springs from ebay (or a more reliable source if you can find one) and you should be back to normal.

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