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seven sisters

little nay

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A cut'n'paste from the website if it helps

A PDF booking form is HERE

This is going to be the Shires event of the year - a weekend’s off-roading in Wales.

Seven Sisters is widely regarded as the best and most varied off-roading the UK has to offer.

We have booked the entire site, all 20,000+ acres for our exclusive use!

A fun weekend for the family as well as chance for the extreme off-roaders to test their limits.

We’ve even booked a week of rain for the week before, and glorious sunshine for the weekend!


Seven Sisters, South Wales

Nearest Town - Abercave, Approximately 170 miles from Southampton


Greenlane style tours, Rock Crawling, Mud and water,

Maxi trial, Informal punch challenge,

20,000+ acres to play in, Off-site camping and BBQ


Any MOT’d and insured Land Rover style vehicle

Front and rear recovery points compulsory

A working mobile phone per vehicle compulsory

Off-road tyres highly recommended

GPS and CB Radio strongly recommended - we can advise on good places to find these.

Non-Land Rover vehicles by prior agreement only

All current Shire LRC Rules and Regs will be enforced.


Families welcome, but bear in mind the minimal facilities on site

Sorry, no spectators.


Shire membership required, new members at the normal £10pa


Friday 22nd September From 12:00 Camping Only (see below)

Saturday 23rd September 10:00-18:00 £40 per vehicle

Sunday 24th September 09:30-16:00 £35 per vehicle

Whole Weekend Both days £65 per vehicle

Off-site camping Dan-yr-Ogof £5 per head per night


Pre-book only, no turning up at the gate - you will be turned away!

Cheque or cash in full and advance to Joe Rose, Cheques payable to “Shire Land Rover Club”


Group booking for Dan-yr-Ogof campsite at £5 per head per night, arrival at camp from Friday afternoon onwards.


No on-site facilities except basic loos and running water, the site will be locked outside of the quoted hours and there

will be no camping within the Seven Sisters site itself.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be on sale on site, we also aim to have a microwave and a selection of pasties etc.

We will be having a BBQ and some beers on Friday & Saturday evening at the campsite, all are welcome.


We will be putting a booking form online at www.shirelrc.com as well as more info / pictures of the site. You can

also contact the Shire LRC Events Officer, Joe Rose, on 07974 754666 for a booking form or more information.

A detailed pack of directions etc. will be posted to people nearer the date.

Entry forms to:

Joe Rose

Muddy Bottom Cottage

Pages lane

East Bouldre


Hants, SO42 7WG

or call 07974 754666 / e-mail carlamrose@aol.com

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Geoff - send in your form with a cheque - our treasurer is on hols at the moment, so nothing is going to happen for a week or two - just stick a post it note on it, and I'll clear it with Joe - the events officer.

Can't let a little thing like money get in the way of a good time :D

Marshalls - yes we are in need of people who know the Seven Sisters site, I'm supposed to be getting a list together with David Lovejoy - Landrover598 - yeah your name is on the short-list already. Matrix - who are you ? Have you been to Seven Sisters before ?

Andy (Shires Vice-Chairman)

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I can vouch for Matrix, sound guy and like Landrover598 he is also a local. Dunno if that counts for or against him :ph34r:

I was thinking about offering to marshal, know the site fairly well, but think I'm gonna come and just play instead, am bring a mate who hasn't off roaded before so will be showing him the ropes (literally).

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Guest Matrix
Matrix has decided to take up residence in my passenger seat

I was hoping to have my own seat by then but that looks unlikely now :(

So I will take that spare seat if its available :D

I can vouch for Matrix, sound guy and like Landrover598 he is also a local. Dunno if that counts for or against him :ph34r:

Cheers Mark :P

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Won't be going now, I'm afraid - had the disco lined up as backup if the Range Rover wasn't back together in time (it won't be), but the sudden demise of the tumble drier has just removed any chance of scraping the money together. It's bad enough when it's just the Land Rovers... :angry:

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Just to bump it to the top and say that the deadline for entry forms landing on Joe's doormat is NEXT WEDNESDAY (20th).

Everyone who has sent off a form will be getting a "welcome pack" with info & directions & stuff next week, Nay is looking forward to the "lick'n'stick" session at Dan's :blink: I think she might be disappointed :lol:

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