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So i got my first RRC and love it! ('92 Vogue with some aftermarket mods)

In order to register it on Australian roads it needs to have a valid (30-day) roadworthy certificate, which it failed due to leaking power steering - I managed not to say "Well, Duh!" to the mechanic.

Leaks come from both the steering box and the pump. Managed to slow the flow with Stop Leak, maybe enough to pass - we'll see.

Anyway, i've looked over many forums and tech diagrams but cant find an answer to a simple question; apologies if already been asked.

What type(s) of oil/fluid is in the steering box?

The pump leaks Power Steering fluid (reddish clear fluid) which obviously gets piped into the steering box; but the leak at the steering box output shaft seems to be colourless. Is there an additional feed or oil reservoir that i can't find, or am I just going colour blind?

Thanks, Kenny

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I think the power steering fluid is ATF Detron 2D from memory, and there is only the one reservoir. I have only seen red ATF 2D on the landrovers I have had. Is it possible the other leak is coming from somewhere else and dripping/running to there?

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Yes it should be Dexron II, red, and is the only lubrucant in the power steering system.

If a clear fluid is dripping off the arm, check the engine oil cooler connections in the RH side of the rad, and the associated lines, lastly, IIRC the brake lines run above the box so they could leak and transfer fluid down to the box pretty easily....

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Thanks for that - A rubber seal (maybe dust cover) on the output shaft of the steering box is sticking out slightly on one side and it seems a little damp around there. I gave the steering box a thoroughly good clean to see if i could get a better look at the drip. However, Power Steering Stop Leak seems to have choked the flow - so i'm not getting a clean drip.

Cant seem to stop the leak at the PS pump though. Main drips form on the bracket under the pump, but fluid is in other places too. Cant see anything coming out of a hose and all wet bits are in line with the pump pulley, so it looks as if the leak is in the pulley shaft seal and dropping onto (and being spun off by) the pulley wheel. Does this sound feasible?

I just need to calm the leak enough for it to pass it's roadworthy, then I can take time to fix it once I've managed to register it in my name. - very frustrating....

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