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Confirmation on Steering Wheels

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Sorry to drag this up, again but I just need a confirmation regards steering wheels boss fitments. (despite previous thread and subsequent links)

I have 1989 defender with the '4 spoke wheel' and have a momo wheel to fit. I have checked the splines and yes it is 36 splines and measures 17mm diameter (on top of the splines).

An email to Deamon-tweeks regards a boss, turns out they have a boss that is suitable for the Defender 95 on.

Would this be right?

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Got a bit fed up of the attitude of the guy at Demon Tweaks when I ordered a Mountney M-type boss for my 1986 90 a couple of months ago.

As you have found out, they say the boss will only fit 95 onwards models but I knew this to be wrong as I know people who have M-type bosses on their LR's (most 12-hole bosses are the same pattern regardless of make and are not to be confused with the Mountney Classic boss which is what I had been using for several years).

I rang Mountney themselves and between us we worked out which boss fitted (the fact I could confirm mine was a 36-spline shaft helped) and so I then rang DT to order part number MTNKK807X. What anoyed me was that the guy said they were always having problems with people buying bosses for LR's, it WOULDN'T fit my vehicle and they couldn't give me a full refund WHEN it didn't fit becasue it was ordered in especially for me.

Needless to say it fitted perfectly but I took my order for a nice new leather steering wheel & Snap-Off kit to Raid who were a pleasure to deal with and delivered within 2-days.

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