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Jez's (over) engineering


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Washed the truck this evening after the AWDC event at 7S and had a poke around underneath to check on the damage - lots of rocks and bangs at 7S :o:unsure:

Most of the 'armour' took some big knocks, dents in diff guards (and diff pan), bent steering guard, dent in chassis sliders, gouges in southdown tank guard, dents in rear crossmember, and this on the rear arm...


You can see where the truck has slid across a rock on this for a few inches before slipping off the side. It's not just an ickle scrath it's a deep gouge and I reckon that corner of the vehicle must have been resting on the arm on the rock.

I don't think a standard (or orange :ph34r: ) arm would take that kind of abuse, so a big up for Jez's strong arms :i-m_so_happy:

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