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Rear view mirrors


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Guest diesel_jim

The wiring is fairly simple....

earth, +ve 12v (switched from the ignition) and maybe a panel light feed (so the mirror "knows" when it's dark.. ie, you've turned the lights on)

there is a little light sensor on them that see's when someone is behind you on full beam.

It's just the mounting that could be a problem... I'm not sure of one that fits a LR mount but i'm sure with a little playing one could be made to fit.

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Range Rover classic type take a single 12V input (+ve/-ve) - they use two light sensors, one front one rear and compare the readings to work out when to darken, so don't need any external signal (they just do their thing when they need to). They clip to a stick on cast mount on the windscreen - can't say whether it's the same as series though.

The RR one has a couple of quite handy map reading lights in it and works fine, but does have a bit of yellow cast to it (you stopping noticing that after a couple of days anyway). More modern ones work even better and are a barely noticeable blue tint when not darkened, so if it's going to be a bodge fit you might want to go for one of them instead.

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