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Ot: But It Amused Me


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Using an online store and got this rather original error message...

500 Internal Server Error  500 Internal Server Error

B is for Bit of a boo boo

It could well be for one of the following reasons;

    * There is a programming error on one of our pages (sorry, we’ll fix it).

    * Our server got up on the wrong side of its bed and is having one of those days.

    * We forgot to align the warp drive, and now she cannae take it, Captain!

You might try one of the following options;

    * Return to our Homepage, or one of the appropriate links on this page.

    * Press the Back Button, and try another link.

    * Use either of the Search functions at the top of the page.

    * Phone our call centre on 0845 677 5000.

    * Reverse the polarity of your dilithium crystals, or alternative etheric rectifier for Warp Field energies, and try again.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion. An email has automatically been sent to us so we can investigate the problem.

Guess I better call there call centre and ask advise on reversing the polarity of your dilithium crystals :)

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