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Pda Settings


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I'm trying to get the PDa to remain on whilst connected t othe car battery (via ciggarette lighter) and turn off when the ignition goes off.

at the moment it stays on running the PDA battery down.

suggested settings please?

I do not want it to turn off whilst driving and I'm following a route.


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Tony,, how long is the batt lasting ??,, when mine was new (XDA2), would only last 6-8 hours,, now it run! in, last a couple of days, depending on use !!

With mine in the Bob, also connected to 12v via cig lighter, stays on all the time,when the ign off, the unit shuts down,,

Check "settings" System" Backlight" Battery power" have mine set to switch off after 1 min when on battery, and allways on when on external power,,

Would think you unit would be simalar

Works for me !! :)

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tim I have:

under power settings

turn off device if not used for 3mins ticked "on battery power"

and always on "on AC power"

but in the car when I turn the ignition off it stayed switched on displaying MM and running the battery down quickly.

I have altered the backlight settings I'll see how that goes


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