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L322 installing towbar

orange rover

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not sure whether anyone canhelp, but i'll try anyways. just had a tow bar installed on my 2003 L322 Vogue by the local dealer. since the tow bar and electrics have been installed, the parc distance controll isn't working anymore. it won't tell the distance anymor but will only beep once when reverse is selected and the light on the switch will blink.

the dealer had a look at it today, but can't find a fault, he suspects that one of the sensors is broken. i rather think that he somehow needs to activate the towbar in the ecu and hasn't done so. maybe someone can tell me what needs to be done?



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I would imagine the PDC would be disabled with a tow bar on the basis that it wouldn't work too well with a trailer on the back... :D

Can't help with the problem but it probably involves a computer being an L322 :(

will travel to hungary with the orange classic on the trailer on the weekend

desperately need the pdc to notice that i havn't tied the rangie down properly :D

according to the manual the pdc is disabled as soon as a trailer plug is connected. the dealter thinks its a faulty sensor, but funnily enough everything was working fine before he started messing around. next time i would attach the towbar myself, propably less trouble than having the main stealer messing around.

regards orange

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If the light is flashing then there is a fault with the system; I have seen this on plenty of occasions, it usually is a faulty sensor or more likley wiring to the sensor however the dealer should be able to sort it quickly.

As a point for reference as already mentioned the rear sensors will not operate when the towing electrics are attached; and the tow bar should not interfer with the sensors.

It is quite likey that with the install of the tow bar that the bumper was removed and hence some wiring was disturbed to the rear sensors


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