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Window problem '94 200tdi Disco

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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to the green oval. Quick bit of history; I have been brought to the Landy world by two series enthusiasts, and after some umming and arring, I decided to get one myself. However, I needed something more me than a series, and invested in a 1994, 200tdi disco. All was well for a few months, and then a few problems occured. With the help of my series friends, I've been able to fix the mechanical problems, I do now however have an electrical one which I hope you guys will be able to help me with.

Again, more history: Alarm ECU problems, wouldn't crank. I have now circumvented the ECU so that it will start and run with no problems. Lights work, and a number of other electrics work, the one thing that really irritates me though is that my electric windows appear to have stopped working, so I'm entirely reliant on the heater (which isn't fantastic) to keep the car from fogging. Now, according to the Haynes book of lies manual, the electric windows don't go anywhere near the ECU, and as such should still be working regardless of what's going on there. I have checked the fuses, and they appear fine, so now I'm at a bit of a loss and a little reluctant to just start ripping the dashboard and covering appart only to find it's something simple.

Any help? I'm a little lost...

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Check that the voltage is getting to the switches, You need have to remove the panel by the handbrake, and then check for voltage getting to the switch, If its there then check the the switches work.

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There are two relays, one for the front windows (driver's footwell) and one for the rear windows (I have a 3 door so can't say where the other relay is!). Page 13.30 in the Hynes Manual. You don't say if all four door windows are affected. I agree the switches are the prime suspects but if it is just the front pair, and fuse C1 is ok, try replacing the relay. You could swop them if one set of windows work, just to prove a failure. Also, check security of the "local earth" from the switch circuits at the centre console

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