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Lies, damn lies and statistics


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Just spotted this in yesterday's Independent which I found amusing.

4x4 sales in the Jan - Jul 2006 have dropped on the same period last year (105,196 cf 106,732).

Now the green activists see this as a sign their anti 4x4 campaign is paying off.

While the SMMT would like to point out that while they acknowledge a 0.1% dip in 4x4 sales this should be contrasted with total car sales which have fallen by 4.2% in hte same period.

So, have the anit's got it right or is the proportion of 4x4 (and 4x4 owners) on our roads increasing?

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The type of blinkers they wear stop them seeing any survey which doesn't suit their purpose, if by a strange chance they do come across a statistic which contradicts them they just point out that the data is fundamentally flawed, probably because a 4X4 got in the way. :rolleyes:

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what the hell is wrong the bl***y green brigade. i am sick of the lot of 'em. all car sales are down not just 4x4's. my 110 takes up no more space than a mondeo estate and the 90 is as short as the new mini. my truck drinks less fuel than a bmw 7 series and to keep it running for the next 10 years is a lower cost to the enviorment than buying a new motor every three years and the carp that the factories throw out is emmence. any way, avaion fuel is the worst offender so they can go and pick on the air craft industies and leave us land rover guys out of it. :angry:

right, i've finished ranting and raving :huh: who wants to come to 7 sisters in wales for a dirty week end with shire lrc! :) oops, sorry lads, just had to :D slip that in!

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