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If i remember correctly you said you extended your front dumbirons, and rear mounts. would it be too cheaky to see if i can get some quick pictures to see a tried and tested method as future reference?

it would be greatly appreciated

Well they will have DEFINATELY been 'tested' - thats fer sure :lol:


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ok, this is the front dumb iron, u'll notice a bolt above the spring eye bolt which is the original bolt point


this is the chassis where the front of the rear spring mounts


basically i moved both points down by about 45 to 50mm

this is the front shock top mount


and i have remade all the bottom spring plates so the bottom of the shock sits higher


pic of shackle at rear of front spring


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Some questions upon seeing the pics, hijack on! :ph34r:

Did you find any adverse effects on handling with the front revolvers?, especially in rough roads at speed??

Does the front tend to jack up on climbs? and tramp??

Hijack off :ph34r:

Now some relevance to the post, have look here

I ended up going to a military style dumb irons, plus reinforcing the chassis up to the bumpstop.


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there is locators on the shackles to stop sideways movement when in the closed position, they handle on road exactly the same as standard, no adverse affects at all, and as anyone who knows me will tell u i dont hang around when driving :D

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