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Best (read as cheapest) Places to Buy?


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Hi All,

Can you recommend any good companies out there for cheap parts etc?

I have used Paddock and Craddock in the past and found Paddock to be the cheapest, however occassionaly the orders arent always 100% (I put this down to the staff(ladies) taking the orders).

Although I generally found Craddock to be quite a bit dearer the orders were always spot on.

The bottom line is if i need it quick i go to Craddock but if it can wait I use Paddock.

Complete rebuild of my 90 taking place so any money saving sites or companies more than welcome (it takes some of the strain off the marriage!!!) :P .



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The only problem with a lot of the cheap parts is that, that is what they are cheap, IMHO a lot of it is substandard and should not be touched at all.

I have learned this the hard way. If possible I only ever buy OE stuff nowadays - ie. made by the people who make stuff for LR but in a plain box. An example of this might be Timken bearings or GKN U/Js.

I treat anything in a box marked "County" as suspect. Even worse, anything in a plain box - if the maker is so ashamed that he will not even put his name to it... Beware - just to add confusion, sometimes good stuff comes in plain boxes. :)


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I second that, I messed on for ages with poor quality seal kits that just don't bloody fit. If its a big lump of cast or steel I can adjust then I'll buy it. Anything else I'll buy OE wherever possible. What is worth fiding out the the dealer price sometimes. I have found some of the little fiddly parts are often a few pence difference to the copies. Father in law lives in Lincoln and swears by Rimmer brothers. Never tried them myself.


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