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The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

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So which tank is included?

Green or orange?

Push button start, do you think any scotchlocks will have been used in the insulation?

Pills like a train eh? Do some folk not check their listing before posting?

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He may claim to be a 'professional' panel beater or as he put it, a 'prefosional' panel beater, but shame he can't spell:

A quote from the auction:

'and being a prefosional panel beater its not a **** job like you see on many chopped up trucks'


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I am not sure I am a believer in his skills as a panel beater, did the same job on a rotten RRC years ago, and even went to effort to finish the back of the roof with what I cut off to make it look better than that!!

Really want to see how little it goes for?

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