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The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

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Just discussing this with my GF and she asked a sensible question "if they did so much work on the engine why not make it a 4.6? surely top of the range is better than middle of the road?" And that is from a woman's perspective LOL :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

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I was going to say this is off-topic, but on second thoughts I guess it does belong on a pass the bucket thread :)

Surely something to buy for the LR owner who has everything - here - thoughtfully fitted with a seat belt so you can perch the wife on it in transit, or maybe for particularly biblical expulsions... :blink::D

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Discrete chequer plate.

Now please don't think me mean but I did email this guy directly and asked if it had an SVA, and I am still waiting for a reply from him, I was also very encouraging of his disaster too, saying how I was "impressed at how he managed to mold the chequer plate around the vehicle" and how I thought "there was no expense spared when creating this vehicle" so I am still hoping he might reply about the SVA status, if someone else wants to email and ask that might prompt him to get back to me.

And as for the winch bumper, :o:o:o who ever dreamed that one up did so with the intention of fitting it to a RAV4, anyone fitting it to a Defender needs putting down!!!

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