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The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

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is the no plate on the P38 trying to say "WRONG"

Truly chavtastically vile

Is the number plate supposed to read RONG (the spelling is bad enough in the advert to sugest thats how he thinks its spelled) or RANGE. Im inclined to think the former becuase it is just plain wrong.

Sorry Hybrid. I jumped on your band wagon

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I don't recall ever seeing a 'new' banger racing car for sale (although I must admit I've never looked), I'd assume if you can't prep one then you probably aren't skilled enough to keep it going for a whole event.....

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hmm, i'd want a couple of mods in that chavalier first, like a bracket to hold the battery down, or better still a sealed box to put it in - don't like the idea of having a battery that close in a banger racer

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Not so much a heap, but funny none the less:


With sales-spiel like that, no wonder he hasn't got any bids!


flashing orange Light cover now missing as it didn't fit under Mc Donalds height bar.

Just about says it all really.

I guess the serious point is, this guy bought a work-vehicle and expected modern eurobox-convenience. He was disappointed.

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