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Going the whole Hog


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There has been loads of debate on portals and the challenges of fitting them under Land Rovers (and G-Wagens :P ) so I started thinking is it all worth it?

Would it not be better to get a complete Mog, remove the bodywork and then graft on some tubework etc?

I can see the steering linkages being a bit interesting if you move from a forward control position - which you would obviously want to do to have a sensible vehicle height, but with the ladder frame chassis and with many of them having front and rear hydraulics and / or pto this looks like a great base for a challenge vehicle.

Or am I missing something? Alright, they're not Land Rovers but in the quest for thr "ultimate" challenge vehicle it looks like a good way forward.....


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I didn't do that for a number of reasons

I wanted V8 and auto, and linking that up to the torque tubes would be tricky

The Mog chassis is designed to twist - so caging it can pose some problems

I didn't want the front engined layout.

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Arnis did it, Ford V6 Cossie lump onto a t5 box, onto a Gaz 69 T case, directly onto torsion tubes, ripped the mog body off, plopped a toyota carina shell on the top and caged it

why restrict fun when theres sooooooooooooo many toys out there, who cares about the label B)

or just buy a laplander....

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