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Been looking at large wheeled tool chests for the garage recently.

Have seen crappy halfords stuff for £99 through to Snap on jobby at £ksss

can anyone recommend a really good value one- probably not the cheapest- but well made with roll bearing drawers and that has taken a bit of a kicking?

where is the best place to get them- only places i konw at the moment (considering i like to see them) are Halfrauds or machine mart

thanks all


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I've got one of these,


bolted in the back of my works van. It's used every day for the last 2 years and is still as good as new.

I've also got one of the 10 draw top boxes and 3 draw step up boxes in the garage. Can't see the point in buying snap-on, your paying a lot for the name.

The yellow, blue, and black machine mart stuff looks very good to.

Hope that helps

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Second hand snap on every time! I got one of my snap on top chests off ebay for 40 quid!

Just a matter of being patient, they do come up very cheap sometimes

I also have a cheapy machine mart one... its had light use and is fairly battered, not a patch on the snap on boxes, having said that it was the cheapest they do!


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Don't discount the Halfrauds stuff. Thier pro range of boxes are excellent value. The black ones are very nice, but the bigger red ones are still very good. Don't get confused with some of the cheaper ones in there these days, they seem to have started stocking some of the really carp ones, but their Halfords badged ones are really very good value.

I have two, and they get used well. Wait for thier sale and they are often a third off...

Snp on would be very nice, but for a weekend mechanic I don't see how you can justify the expense - and belive me I can uusually justify (at least to myself) when it comes to tools! :D


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thanks for all your replies chaps

i think that i will look at the pro ranges from Halfords and machine mart.

i will see if i can get a second hand box from eblag as well.

like the screwfix idea i will have a check on that

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