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UK Baja


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I went to watch and say hello to a few peeps. Might add a few pics later when i get round to grabbing them off the camera.

Hugh was flying whenever I seen him go past. Only 10 mins behind was good going given the weight/power differences.

From those drivers/co-drivers I spoke to it seemed that the course was good and fast, maybe even good and fast enough to tempt some of them to race in the event next year (assuming it runs) rather than pop across teh channel all the time.

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A few pics of some of the 'national' runners, didn't take many pics as camera mainly stayed in it's case out of the rain.







I heard that Pete Rowe was having fuel problems, getting in enough fuel to last a lap was the problem :lol:

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Unusually for Pete he had reliability problems, seeing him sit out second half of saturday, blown cv I think.

Spectating wasn't great, partially due to the small number of runners (and the weather :( ), although the bikes/quads added some interest that you don't get with the hill rallies. It wasn't as restrictive as the website seemed to suggest, access was allowed further into the from the main spectator areas, would be difficult to stop access totally as the footpaths/bridlewasy through the forest weren't closed ;) But the marshalling was good, ie don't act like a pillock and stand in the run out areas and they didn't give any grief. Maybe blagging a media pass helped too ;)

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