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The Mongol Rally


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Like the title says we made it. The panda 4x4 got us into Ulaan Bataar last friday.

The journey wasnt without incident:

Flat tyre in prague.

Brake failure in Kiev.

Flat tyre crossing the russian border (drove across on a flat).

Removed the propshaft as the 4x4 got stuck engaged (easier than playing with the gearbox).

Rear shocks failed as the springs got progressively worse.

And a few running problems as some rag got sucked into the air box!

Apparently we were the first Panda 4x4 to make it. Quite worrying as many have tried. Every panda to turn up after us has had major suspension failure (front and rear) and quite a few running problems. One team even managed to dismount their engine.

I would love to do the trip again in a land rover or equally capable vehicle and not have to worry too much about breaking the car on unsuitable terrain. Quite a few landies out here in mongolia so it wouldnt be too hard to get parts if you made it this far.

Once I get back to the uk I will post some pictures of the trip.

Travelling back in the relative comfort of the trans siberian express.


Snailracer B)

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I would love to do the trip again in a land rover or equally capable

From the website...

The challenge: travel ΒΌ of the way around the earth, from London to Mongolia in any carp car that has an engine with no more than 1 ltr of power

A 1 LTR series .... now that would be something else - probably praying for the panda!

Did you raise good money?

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