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Brakes binding

Psycho Sarah

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Hi all

My brakes have an unusual habit (to me anyway!) of binding.

1) They bind every time during or after rain.

2) They only bind on the first occasion the footbrake is applied to stop the Landy (applying the footbrake when at rest before moving off does not cause the brakes to bind at that time, not does it prevent the brakes from binding after the vehicle has moved),

3) They only bind the once in a journey - I've sometimes travelled 2 miles before having to apply the footbrake, and it still happens, but it won't happen again unless the vehicle's left all day/overnight.

4) When they do bind, there is a loud clunk - when braking after that there's no clunk.

5) The brakes bind sufficiently to prevent rolling down a shallow incline. But as soon as you put it in gear and lift off the clutch, the brakes free up, without the juddering associated with permanently binding brakes, I've deliberately stopped on an slight incline (making sure it was safe to do so), turned the engine off, got out and have been able to push it downhill, and the brakes have released and it started to roll under gravity.

6) The brakes do not pull to one side, either when they bind or afterwards.

7)There's been no drop in brake fluid level.

I've not had time to take the drums off to examine them, but when I do, is there anything in particular I should look for; oil contamination, surface rust, etc? Could oil/surface rust be sufficient to keep the Landy on a slight incline?

SIII petrol SWB btw.

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Just wondering if the leading edges of the shoes have enough chamfer, maybe water getting into the drums is causing the shoes to grab and after that the water layer on the drum is swiped-off and no longer causes an issue from there onwards

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Sounds to like there is just a lot of carp in the drum. I would take the drum off, give the inside a good clean and refit, and readjust the brakes. The damp is probably causing the surface of the drum to rust slightly, at which point the rubbish has enough meterial to gunge up the pads and cause them to bind. Applying the brakes the first time will clean off the rust on the drum surface, so you don't get it again until it's been wet ans standing for a while.

It is definatly worth having the drums off, and giving them a good wire brush round the inside anyway.



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Mine bind first application after a damp night or I've hosed the undercarriage. My drums, shoes backing plates etc are very clean and I have oil catcher rigs around the hubs, so no contaminents. I developed the habit when starting off in morning of riding the brakes while accellerating in 1st gear before changing to 2nd.

After that it's all good for the rest of the day.


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