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Trailing arm bush replacement - WOW!

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I have always had a nasty clunk that happens when you pull away or even change gear and I have looked at the output shaft on the gearbox and seeing the wear I presumed it was caused by that.

Yesterday I decided to replace the bushes on the truck with a set of polybushes that I have had for a couple of years. The best laid plans always seem to go a bit wayward and I only replaced the main trailing arm bush (the one with the triangular metal plate). It looked like the one on the truck was probably the original one too. Looked OK and I only changed it because it was the easiest to do.

WOW, what a difference!

The main nasty clunk has gone and it feels a lot better than it did before. Although I will be replacing all the other bushes and repairing some of the holes that have enlarged over years of abuse, just this one replacement bush has just transformed the Disco into a more drivable car.

I also did the swivel preload this evening and set it to about 16lb with the seals in place and this has made it a shed load better too.

What shall I do next...

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finish the trailing arm bushes then do the radius arms.

I have just done the trailing arms bushes, radius arms bushes, panhard rod bushes, A frame bushes, A frame ball joint, track rod ends and drop arm ball joint...

... made a huge difference!

painted the chassis to ;)


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