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The British JCB Dieselmax team averaged a speed of 328.767mph to break the land speed record for diesel powered vehicles.

The record was set on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah by driver Wing Commander Andy Green.

The first run was made at an average speed of 324.248mph with the return run averaging 333.339mph.

The team beat the previous record of 235mph which has stood for more than 30 years.

In 1997, Green became the fastest man in the world when he drove ThrustSSC through the sound barrier to a speed of 763.035mph.

The JCB Dieselmax he drove was designed by a British team and is powered by a version of the same engine that is used in ordinary JCB vehicles.

Makes a change to hear something good from Blighty nowadays :(

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Thats old news; this is the latest:

LONDON (Reuters) - A diesel-powered car has broken its own land speed record, reaching 350.092 miles per hour a day after it shattered a three-decades old record, a team spokesman said.

Driver Andy Green hit 328.767 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in the United States in the JCB Dieselmax on Tuesday, before setting the new record on Wednesday.


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Guest diesel_jim
From the driver himself

"The car has still got loads to give. I throttled back on the second run and we haven't even used sixth gear yet, so the car can still go faster."

From a following 2.5 TD 110 SW driver....

"I was following this twit in this smokey old car, i pulled out to overtake him but he wasn't having it. maybe if i remove my roofrack and un-adjust my binding handbrake then next time, i'll 'ave 'him!!" :D

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yeah that would be the Audi R8, it's a hell of a machine, but sounds almost totally silent next to teh Panoz's and stuff like that.It runs a twin turbo V12 which produces 650bhp and 850 lb/ft up to 5000rpm. it's a bloody amazing machine.

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350mph and "we haven't even used sixth gear yet" :o


And still in low box :rolleyes:

Apparently they have reached the limits of the tyres though :(

Although if they cut the "dumper tread" off I'm sure it would go better :D

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