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Clansman Radio / antena with a conventional CB


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I took some photo's for someone else a while ago. When you get the base, make sure it come with the screw in grommet that secures the centre conductor, it's sometimes missing. Use standard screened cable and pare back about 3" of the outer sheath and braid.Twist the braid and secure it to one of the base mounting bolts, you can see I've used a crimped ring connector. The photo's are pretty self explanatory.




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The anttenna itself should not be earthed, but the mounting base should be. The antenna mustn't have electrical contact with the mounting - the rubber mushroom is an excellent isolator as well as a flexible mount. The metal clamp in the top of the mushroom only toushes the antenna, not the base of the mounting, so is electriaclly isolated. Screening as much of the antenna cable as possible is important to avoid interference. The military whip antennas can be cut down once fitted to tune the length with an SWR meter in exactly the same way as a standard CB antenna.

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