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200tdi fuel issue


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Right the problem I have I have pinned it down to no fuel in the lines - so therefore doesn't start... it has to crank a few times to self bleed and then hey-presto..

the fuel takes over 8 hours to disappear - so park up at 6pm and go indoors then come morning .. 8/9am we do this little dance all over again...

no visable leaks anywhere.

so what stops the fuel from going back to its tank? is there a one way valve in the injector pump or what?

thanks in advance.

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Guest diesel_jim

It's just the vacuum of the fuel that keeps it in place, so you must have a hole/leak somewhere "up pipe" from the tank, i'd look at the unions on the lift pump or the actual lift pump itself first (if the diaphram is split) or the other fuel unions.

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cheers boys..

I did take a few pipes off and didn't buy new cooper bushes - maybe I should replace them..

You can diagnose a leak by smearing grease around the unions and the fuel filter - it seals out the air temporarily.
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Could be the lift pump. There are two valves in there - one lets fuel one way into the pump, and the other is one way letting fuel out of the pump. There's also a diaphragm that does the pumping action (oo-err), this wears with use (oo-err again), and can split - which initially makes for weak operation. Once the fuel is to the injector pump, the lift pump is almost redundant, but when the engine is switched off for any length of time, the fuel runs back to the tank - requiring a prolonged cranking of the engine to lift it back all the way to the inj pump. Diagnosis of this is pretty straight forward - clamp the supply pipe to the lift pump with mole grips or similar (careful not to damage the pipe though), when you park up for the evening. In the morning remove the grips and turn the key - if it fires straight up, then the line from the tank to the lift pump is fine. Next, clamp the pipe between the lift pump and the inj pump and again leave overnight, if you have a problem starting the engine in the morning, then the problem is definitely the lift pump. Replace it and send me £50 :D No cheques, I have a pikey image to maintain. :blink:

Les. :)

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I thought it might be that little blighter..

shall check on all of it over the weekend... fun fun fun...

Mine is much the same Richard. I replaced the fuel lift pump but to no avail. It does seem better with a full tank of fuel - which rather supports the syphoning back theory.


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