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which clutch plate

Guest chris_mayer

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Guest chris_mayer

Hi guys

Wasnt sure which section to put this in, but what is the best heavy duty clutch plate for my 200 tdi 90, its a challenge truck, hence it has 35s!


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Have a read 130 clutch friction plate Les & myself recently fitted this Valeo one to my 110 to cure a slipping clutch problem.

Valeo 8 spring friction plate for 130-------------------- FTC1994 (Valeo)

Cover ---------------------------------------------------- URB100760 (Borg & Beck)

Release Bearing ---------------------------------------- FTC5200 (R380 & LT77 main gearbox)

All above fit 200 & 300Tdi

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I did this on mine when I did all that engine work. All I chaged from the standard setup was the friction plate. Everything else was as per the book.

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my microcat seems to say FTC1994 is superceded by UQB000130. Does anyone know the difference?

It'll just be the same part & LR updating the numbers to fall into thier new parts numbering/record system, my new Valeo FTC1994 was still marked as a the older number.

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