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Trying to help a M8 with his TD5

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Friend who has a TD5 has had some problems. It sprang coolant leaks over a short period starting with the coolant pump flange seal, then the cabin heater element then the radiator. The silly garage just fixed one after the other without realising that it was obviously building up pressure - probably from a cylinder head gaskit or worse a crack in the cylinder head itself.

Eventually, after having their noses rubbed in it, the garage wanted to take off the cylinder head, check and fill it and then replace the gaskit. At this point some other garage, approached for a second opinion, said that tightening the cylinder head bolts would solve the problem. This is a 11 year old Defender with original and untouched cylinder head/gaskit so no reasion for there to be any slack in the bolts. The second garage did tighten the bolts and the problem now seems to be solved in that there is no noticeable pressure build up in the system and coolant level is stable and no more leaks.

Questions are:

1. Has anyone ever heard of this being a solution for such a problem ?

2. Now that it has been done is there any point is taking the cylinder head off or should he just wait untill this 'repair' wears out ?



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Never heard off this being done, and personally would remove head, and sort out in a more traditional way.


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Personally I would have the head off and sort it properly. You're only buying time and it could get worse/more expensive to fix.

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