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Rims & Backspacing


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rim			  spec	width	  offset   backspacing
SWB			 5x16x46	5		 -1.8		4.8
LWB		   5.5x16x33	5.5	   -1.3		4.5
WOLF/130	  6.5x16x20	6.5	   -0.8		4.5
Disco		   7x16x33	7		 -1.3		5.3
8 Spoke		 7x16x12	7		 -0.5		4.5

And because a picture explains it so much better


With thanks to Landrover598 who is the originator of this really useful sketch.

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Well quick trawl for a definition of offset seems to confirm that there is no clear definition. In fact they seem pretty equally split between the two options. Think I'll stick with backspacing.

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Your doing it the math way which is not correct. Backspacing measures to the outside of the wheel lip. Wheel width measures to the bead contact surface. Becuase of this, you need to add 1/2" to 3/4" to all of your backspacing numbers.

I can't find a greta picture, but this sort of shows it. See how wheel width and backspacing measure to different locations.


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