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Stupid rambler


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I'm sure he is a true legend in his own mind

A True Rambler, a brain and attitude from the 'shallow end' of the gene pool, and wears water wings too


"The footpath is not marked so I moved the tee marker from it."

Able to see path thats not visibly there, but cant see the danger of roaming a golf course.

'shallow end' of the gene pool' you might be spot on there Nige, and/or some chemic's involved

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I am no friend of ramblers but on this occasion, good for him! OK, he was petty and perhaps foolish to interfere with the golf clubs equipment but if there is genuinly a legal right of way there and someone (the golf club/golfers) was trying to intimidate him to prevent him from using it he was in the right to walk it regardless. Those of us who greenlane will understand the frustration of discovering a landowner who tries to deny the existance of a ROW by blocking it, offering verbal abuse, pointing shotguns etc. Good for the rambler, the golf club should have thought a bit more about it when they set out their ccurse. I have personally enjoyed driving a greenlane across a golf course. :)


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I used to live there (Dursley) - I know the said golf course - its a bit mad cos there is a footpath that cuts right across the course. Whenever i was there I would be generally in fear of my life as I crossed the fairway.

Still sounds like that guy was from the millitant wing of the ramblers freedom party lol. I guess he was fined for disturbance rather than trepass

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Right of Way not Right to move stuff around and be a genral pain

The Tee is not exactly a gate or trailer blocking the path is it..... he could have walked round it without disurbing the golfers and getting into a fight..

Or was it new test trial for exstrem golf

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