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part number/stockist question please

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Hi everyone,

well it's back to the oil in the near future for me, so would a kind person happen to know the part numbers to seal a few draughts in my sw conversion?

The cills are [assuming they're similar to the front door cills] a kind of aluminium angle iron, maybe 1"+ wide, for above the door

+ seals would be good

a stockist with a website to order from would be good, hopefully who doesn't sit on orders without telling the customer there's a delay!



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90/110/Defender door seals are 2 piece, front/top/rear of door aperture & bottom of aperture or on door.

door seal's depending on your chassis number [last 8 digits]

mwc1080 front right upto chassis number LA933876 [a]

mwc1081 front left ------------------------------------------

alr4936 front right from chassis number LA933877

alr4937 front left ---------------------------------------

sill seal front doors mwc6130 x 2 refer [a]


sill seal alr6250 x 2 refer these attach to door bottom not vehicle sill

mwc1082 rear side door right upto chassis number LA935726 [c]

mwc1083 ---------------- left -------------------------------------

alr4938 rear side door right from chassis number LA935727 [d]

alr4939 ---------------- left ---------------------------------------

mwc6128 rear door sill seal refer [c]

mwc6129 -------------------------------


alr6251 x 2 ------------------------ [d]

the cant rail is where the seal fits onto the roof above the doors, the picture you show above is all interior trim. items 9 & 10 you mention are trim parts not the bits the seal fits onto, that should be part of the roof inner gutter, if not just get some alloy angle & make a pair to suit your 110.

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