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Unimog 404S


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Afternoon! :)

I pondered which section to put this under but figured as I haven't started any form of fabrication etc, it ain't worth putting there (PLUS, I don't feel worthy ! :ph34r: ). However, there are a few folk using 404 axles that maybe willing to give me some pointers about sources for bits etc.

Basically, I've just bought a stripped down, 1960 Unimog 404S with 6 cylinder petrol engine and the remains of a canvass topped cap. Its only done 50,000km but is in a billion bits. I'm currently hoping to rebuild it in original fashion.

So, can anyone point me in the direction of:

Online manuals (or sellers of).

Where is good for buying parts? (Atkinson Vos look expensive!).

Any tips for beginners - Does everything need stripped or is it pointless hauling axles apart to refurb as they are bullet proof? Is the 2.8 engine worth sorting (was seized) or is there a better one to drop in etc.

Land Rover content - its sharing the garden with tons of LR bits!


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Tools and Fab? all are welcome!! But this is probably a better place to ask anyway...

I am afraid I can't help much on the questions, but I will check with a mate, who might know more. I am sure however, that someone with more constructive input will be along soon!



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Congrats on the purchase! Good choice ;)

Regarding parts - yes, they are expensive :( - for sources, look here:


You'll find this forum more useful for specific Mog related questions:


Regarding the axles, I wouldn't bother tearing them down, unless it's obviously needed. Check the state of the oil that comes out, it's pretty low mileage. You might want to separate the front at the 'king pin' and rebuild the steering joint in the halfshaft, but personlly I wouldn't go further than that. I don't know what tools you have access to (big presses, 1" impact drivers etc etc) but you could be entering a whole world of pain... Did you see my post on the bloomin hub bolts? :angry:

I know nothing of Mog engines - ask on the above forum. Maybe if you're not planning to uproot trees you might consider a swap, but... I doubt it's necessary.

Good luck, Al.

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quick question on this. why do they put mog portals on nissan axel centers , on to rangies , Admitly here in Aus. Is it because they make them easer to fit to land rover chassis

Hybrid axles, like Mog9s, Hummer9s, Mog60s etc etc combine the outers of one axle with the centre section of another.

A Mog centre section is a big beast and heavy with it. If you replace the centre with something lighter you get the portals at the end, but a significant weight reduction in the middle. Lower unsprung mass = good. Also, you can avoid the rather long diff pinions, which is good in a short wheelbase especially.

Of course, when doing this you can choose diff 'drop' (i.e. which side it's on) and placement, diff ratio, pinion angle relative to hubs, axle width etc etc. But it means having custom shafts made to fit your diff choice to the original hubs/portals.

It's also a good idea to brace/truss the housings in most cases.


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The cheapest and best place for 404 spares is westfield 4x4

The original engines are 2.2ltr, and are a little underpowered, they did however do a factory option of a 2.8 but this was only normally fitted to radio or ambulance bodied variants.

The brakes will be your first point of call as they're nearly always knackered,

As regards seals and alike if they aren't leaking leave them be.

The gear selectors also sieze up if they've been stood a while as well.

There is very little choice of engines that will bolt up to the bellhouseing and even fewer that will clear the boddy once bolted up.

If you want a 2.8 i have a mint one :D

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Cheers for the info... :D Sorry about slack reply but been in Norway.

My Reg Doc says its a 2.8 so here is hoping, mind you DD, how much would you want for your "mint" one?

Al, not only did I see your post, I sent a reply! :)

Currently need to rationalise the fleet before I'm gonna get AFE approval for expenditure ;)

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