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2nd row centre seat belt


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i cant think of any easy way to anchor the top corner of a 3-point belt in a D1. that would be the biggest problem i'd assume.

id just go for not hitting anything, doesnt matter what sort of belt you have then :D

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On the basis that not hitting anything is by far the best option, and getting a D2 seat etc might be the next option, how about putting a rigid bar between the two existing top mountings for the outer 2nd row seats?

There are aftermarket 3 point conversion seatbelts, but they seem to need the inertia reel to be 45degrees from the seat (that would put it in the middle of the load area.

I think I will get a 4 point harness http://www.securon.co.uk/seat_belts_harnesses.htm this looks like I will only need to add one more seat belt mount, but it can be close to the back/base of the seat.

Its my kids in the back, and a lapstrap just aint good enough...

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non internia 3-point belt? could just run down the back of the seat to the original mounts then?

or get a front belt out of a disco/RR & just make a 90 bracket to fit to one of the original mounts. could fit right vurtally behind the seat then.

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