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thoughts on freelander lift kit


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Hi, just got my self a 2002 td4 freelander commercial, it hasn't really got enough ground clearance, (some of the farm tracks i'm grounding out) I have seen on mm4x4 a 2inch lift kit, what are peoples thoughts on them, or has any one done a lift to their hippo,

Many thanks


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Depends what it lifts, any time you faff with suspension you'll put more stress on other bits (drieshafts, steering). If it just lifts the body but (for example) leaves the rear diff subframe the same height off the ground, it may not help you.

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Hello , I had a 2" lift kit fitted to my 2001td4 Freelander ,this was fitted over 18 months ago by a company in Derbyshire ( I shall remember the name hopefully ). I had pontificated on making this /doing alteration for some time but was put of by people writing that problems would result because of prop shaft angles and so on. But in a L.R.O. magazine a Norfolk Freelander owner wrote in saying he had done it with no side effects .So spurred on ,I sourced someone who did this conversion and went down to his NEW works, it would take a few hours so I walked around the local nature reserve and lanes , on returning the job was done .

I have since been around Cannock Chase ,Kielder forest in the snow ( see face book ) ,I have followed Discoveries along tracks you would not take a J.C.B and all with no problems ,in fact last week near Murske I had the front of the car air born while climbing UP a rock strewn ravine .( the traction control on the type 1 Freelander td4 is really unbelievable )(why they did not make a 6 speed box with an ultra low first gear I do not know ) ( B.M.W stifling I think ) .

Iam more than happy with mine and reckon the relatively low cost is justified ,if only for normal use .

The normal transmission dimensions are unnafected as the whole body is lifted as one ,the only parts affected are the drive shafts which have enough movement in them for normal articulation anyway ,SO DO IT . Coachman .






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To the optimist , the Freelander is a much underestimated vehicle ,and has supprised a lot of `proper` land rover owners as to its capabilaties . Under an even playing field I would put it against any 90 or Dicovery .I shall attempt some pictures .coachman.






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The freelander's biggest problem is the lack of low range, so using it off-road will burn up your clutch or torque converter oil (unless you do everything way too fast).

I've been very impressed with the capabilities of a Freelander, but have also heard a lot of stories about clutch/transmission problems after a play day.

Oh, and don't forget to drop the skid plate every once in a while, it gets quite full of crud.

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cheers guys, i'm also shocked with the capability of my freelander, be through a horrible bit of wood setting up a clay shoot day and kept up with 2 90s even with road tyres on, waiting till i lift it to see which tyres will fit would like to go bigger.

The gear box issue has worried me looking into whether something can be done to improve this problem.


For the inputs guys,

and i'll keep everyone up to date how it goes

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On 8/2/2022 at 11:27 PM, greggf95 said:

hi i bought a td4 not long ago, what is the best lift kit to buy n could you send  me a link please. for 55 plate, thank you.

40mm is probably the sweet spot. 


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