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Saving these video clips?

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Guest diesel_jim

(MOD... feel free to delete this question as it's not a "video link" really, just let me get an answer first. :D )

Does anyone know how to save any of these vids to ones hard-drive? on the likes of youtube etc, i can play the vid, but there is no way of "right click,save as..." sort of thing, or do you have to be a signed up member or summat? :unsure:

Ta muchly! B)

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I was wondering the same thing, but I haven't figured out where Firefox caches files yet... (haven't looked very hard though)

It is also of use to those with a slow connection as you can't watch them "live" - even my 256K connection won't stream video fast enough - so better to download and watch offline.

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Do a google search for NetXfer. It looks a bit basic / rough, but works very well. You run it before you click the link to the streaming video, it saves the stream to your hard drive. Does what it says on the tin. I use it quite a lot especially on youtube etc.

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Google and youtube are AVI’s with identifying headers ………as with everything Google they keep it simple :rolleyes: .………….strip off the header manually or by using the appropriate software and you end up with a RAW avi file. Unfortunately you may have to process this yet again through a common CODEC in order to get a CODEC header identity.

I regularly download stuff from both Google and youtube.

IIRC the way it works…….. is you click on Google video and it then downloads a GVP file the player that contains the URL of the AVI file……….. this points to the player to the correct url …….. but that URL remains hidden from general view.

So, download the GVP file manually ( or look at the page source file …… search for the keyword ‘googleplayer’) and look at it with notepad to extract the AVI url …….. then go to that URL and download the AVI …….. but see above……. You may have to give it another CODEC identity to for it to play on the likes of windoze media player ………. Nero seems to accept most stuff that is thrown at it though.

There are some quite clever Java script programmes that do all this for you as a background task and then saves the AVI locally. With mine I just right click the movie as its playing and it downloads locally.

Here is the code:

java script:if(window.location.hostname.match(/google\./i)!=null){if(document.getElementById('macdownloadlink')!=null){window.location.href=document.getElementById('macdownloadlink')}else{alert('No%20AVI%20file%20has%20been%20found.')}}else{alert('This%20does%20not%20appear%20to%20be%20a%20Google%20website.')};

Add something like’ video download’ to your favourites and then copy /paste the above code into the url ….. do it from properties.

Click on the google video and it will start to play …….. then go into favourites and click on the above ……….. a window will appear asking you where to save the avi file

Hope this makes sense ;)

Edited to add............. the words Javascript should be one word with no space ......... the forum software puts a bloody space in the code but not the edit .......... strange ! <_<


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OK ……….. PC numpty mode on ………… :D

We are now going to trash one of your favourites ……… but its easy to replace

Click on favourites (in the tool bar) and right click on any one of them,

Select rename and call it ‘one click download’ or any other name you fancy.

Right click again on the new name and select properties

Copy the code in the post above and past it into the URL box ………. do this with C’trl V (paste)

Make sure that the words Javascript at the beginning have no space…… also make sure that windoze has not put HTTP:// in front of the code …….. if it has, then remove it.

Go to google videos and click on a video

As its playing click on favourites and then click on the favourite you have just made.

Depending on your security settings it may now show a yellow bar under the toolbar asking if you want to download the file. Click yes and the familiar download applet will show in the centre of the screen.

Select where you want the file saved and want you want to call it. It will save as AVI by default.

I agree, the use of the java code is a little unorthodox ……..to make it easier I can do screen shots if you wish ………….. ;)


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