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Defender 90 rear tub removal

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I have owned my 90 for a few years now as a pick up style, i want to strip the tub off to be able to give the chassis a good clean and clear any rust that might be occurring and at the same time while the tub is off fit a tubular bulkhead removal bar as well as fitting a county roof on after everything is sorted, but after much searching on forums and manuals i have come up empty for location of bolts, clips and other fastenings that might prevent the tub from coming off and fitting of the bulkhead removal bar.

Any advice on the subject of removing the tub or fitting the bar would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Rob (Puffernutter's son)

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remove wiring from the lights and remove from the tub

10 nuts and bolts along the crossmember need removed

2 nuts and bolts just below the seatbox where the seat belts bolt in need removed

2 nuts and bolts where the seatbox meets the tub on the outer seat belt mount need removed

there should be 4 clamps along the rear of the bulkhead which hold the cab to the bulkhead, remove these bolts

below your seat belt upper mount there should be 1 long bolt either side, just remove the nut and washer from the bottom of these

go right round the roof and remove all the bolts holding the winscreen and rear panel to the roof

hey presto it should now just lift off!!

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off the top of my head:

-two bolts each side on sides of seatbox

-crossmember bolts along the top

-2 each side on the brackets near the front underneath.

-ones along the join between back of seatbox and rear tub/bulkhead

On top of that then the bolts around the T.C. roof and round the rear T.C. panel.

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