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Why can't I source a General SAG 7.50x16 radial ?


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A few days ago, a bit of misdirected driving lead to me cutting the sidewall of my nearly new generals on a piece of slate.

There's a 2" gash from the bottom of the tyre up the sidewall, through to the tube, so I think it's for the bin.

As the tyres were nearly new, I was hoping to get one tyre to replace it but Paddocks say they are on back order from General, with no delivery date. My local supplier says the same. :(

Why is this? I thought these were a pretty popular tyre.

If I can't get one, I'll have to get a pair of something else for that axle.

Any recomendations on something similar, not too expensive, reasonable on and off road?


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I had similar problems when my SAG Xplys came to the end of their life. I ended up getting a set of Simex ;)

Hmmm, simex's a bit OTT for my usage :P

Looks like I might have to get 2 new tyres then. <_<

Can anyone give me size equivalents for 7.50x16?

Any recommendations ? Kumho, BFG? Looking for an AT rather than MT.


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Gromit, a friend of mine has one of those, he says it's nearly new, been on a rim but not used much.


Eddie, where are you?

I do need to sort this pretty quickly (either finding an SAG or ordering 2 new something-elses) as I'm spinning about on a not very nice spare.

I'm in Ireland, but I did get tyres shipped to me before and it wasn't to expensive.

PM me details, how much he would want etc.


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I have had nearly new tyres remolded before...

Truck & Plant tyre places do them 2" may be a bit big but it only cost about £15 ish to have done

it may not be leage for road use but I have it done on site plant JCB's, dumpers and forklifts etc a few times..

I have had it done to some 10'50's mt's before after a side wall damage.

It may be worth saving the damaged tyre getting it repaired and having it as a spare for later but takes around a week to do as they get sent away.

when it comes back you will never know it has been done as you can't see the repair apart from the tyre is very clean.

Worth a trye I would think

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We are in North East England, my friend is going to Land rover show at Peterborough next weekend, if you are going or know someone who is going, he said he would take it down. Or you can arrange collection by courier.

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