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Les Henson

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What engine mounts do I have to use to sit the 2.5TD engine in a series chassis. The engine is connected to the gearbox, but is sitting on a big lump of wood at present because I can't figure out which mounts to use. I have series diesel mounting rubbers, but the metal brackets that bolt to the block are doing in my [scots] HEED[/scots] :angry:

Les :angry:

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Thanks Ralph, correct as always (well except for your choice of wig! :P )

Stephen, you taking the mickey? Is this the start of a string of propshaft jokes due to my recent error with one?

Should I go and Borrow Nige's coat, as he seems to have not needed to use it for a week at least? :D

Les. :P

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Well one works, but not the other. I took these mounts off of an ex-mil 2.5 N/A engine.

Passenger side is fine, but drivers is obviously not.

This is a 2.5TD from a 1990 90, going into a 1972 88" SWB S3.

This is ok, and lowering the engine will obviously line up.


Drivers side is a different matter. the rubber mount is not even bolted on with it's metal bracket that's held in place by a couple of 9/16" bolts. The passenger side is 2" too high, but this side is touching while the engine is still level.


Les. :(

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Looking at that picture of the drivers side mounting, there seem to be some unused cast bosses on the engine block, that mirror the bosses where the passenger side mount is on that side.

Will a second passenger side mount (bracket and rubber) bolt on the drivers side of the block?

Not that I've ever worked on this style of engine, I'm just going on what I think I can see in the picture.


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Well I finally got the engine to sit nice and square on the chassis today. I used both the original Td mounts. The passenger side pretty-much lined up ok, but I had to re-shape the drivers side, and not only was it a swine to do, but a swine to fit as well due to the room you don't have! :angry:

I could have altered the chassis instead, but then if a different engine is fitted in the future, having a standard series mount on it already might be best. Front and rear pictures anyway. A headache for sure, but done. The downpipe points in the wrong place, so I need to see to that next.


And from underneath.


I'm glad I won't have to do this again (I hope!)

Les. :)

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