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Evening all.

Vehicle in question is a '79 Series 3, 88".

After an interesting moment today when I realised that I had very little in the way of braking force at all on the near side front wheel, I pulled over and had a quick peek at the inside of the wheel. It seems that the EP90 in the swivel has somehow made its way into the brake drum.

From the drawings in the manual, I can only see one seal - a 'double lipped seal' part number RTC3510. Is this is only one that could be leaking? Are there any others I should order before I strip the whole lot down? Bearings and swivels are both good.


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That would be the hub seal, yep. RTC3510 as you have stated.

Yours being a 1979 it should have the replaceable seal lands on the stub axle. This is the metal step upon which the hub seal runs. If it is worn with a groove in it then it's probably worth replacing, the procedure for which is in the workshop manual.

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A leaking hub seal would be one cause, but it could be the seal land on the stub axle or worn wheel bearings causing that seal to leak, so check them too. Another potential source is the joint between the stub axle and swivel housing, with the brake back plate attached in front of that joint, though you'd likely see oil on the exterior face of the back plate or the axle/stub axle flange joint if that was the source.

You are sure that it's EP90, though? Leaking brake fluid combined with brake dust does thicken and darken...

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