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Poll - sort of - Interest in Expedition/Fly & Drive


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First, I want to be clear that I am asking this to get some initial ideas for a potential busines venture. I am not selling anything, but if doing research that might later be used for a business contravenes the forum rules, the mods may most certainly delete this without the least offense :D

My questions are about how interested people would be, their general opinions of, and what they might think are reasonable prices for a Land Rover (content) based expedition/holiday venture?

For guidance purposes, the very nascent concept would be a relatively small, relaxed B&B type accommodation (maybe lodges) with beach access in Spain or Portgual. On offer would be local fly and drive packages: Land Rovers provided and self drive or guided offroading locally as well as eventually running expeditions to Morocco/NA from the B&B offering either a fly and drive or a self drive with the B&B as the rally/shakedown/outfitting point. Ideally, the B&B side would offer additional options such as horse riding, biking, fishing etc.

Imagine two packages:

Local Package. You and your party (family or friends) fly into destination airport, are picked up and taken to the "Lodge". Options are B&B with pool, activities (see above), beach access (let's suppose up to 25 minute drive to beach for arguments sake provided by jitney) and local slef drive or guided offroading.

North Africa Expedition. Either as per above (with the option of family enjoying beach holiday at Lodge while you do the expedition) using supplied Land Rovers, or you get your Land Rover down to Lodge (assuming we book ferry tickets and provide advice on route and reccommended accommodation en route) with a 7 - 10 day guided expedition to say Morocco.

Knowing the innate frugality of our group, I would imagine there will be some fairly low-ball estimates, but A) would you be interested? B) what would you expect to pay for these admittedly somewhat undetailed "packages", and; C) any suggestions you have to expand/improve the concept?

Looking forward to your views (if this were PBB, there would be a double flip-off here.... :P )

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Knowing the innate frugality of our group, I would imagine there will be some fairly low-ball estimates, but A) would you be interested?


assuming you let me drive the Tonka


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I could be intrested

Next year I'm taking the Tomcat to Le Mans with a load of mates that are taking some TVR's, TT, ML AMG and etc.

Also looking at a trip which goes up through Sweeden through the mountains in the snow again in the Tomcat with camping trailer.

With Marocco

there is loads of companies already doing it...you need to may your ideas very original to make yourself stand out

To drive there its a kin long way

I went on holiday a few years ago left UK kept hedding east and had grate time and its not as far as you would think to the likes of Croatia etc.. the people are very nice if you can stomack the germans that were everywere :ninja:

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Thank you Michele! :P You are most welcome to drive the Tonka. Currently undergoing surgery to remove the 2.25 and replace with a 3.5 V8....(pictures may be forthcoming soon )

I see the point on differentiation for an "expedition package" and my view is that the concept has a couple of points in the offer of fly & drive (substantially diminishing the driving distance and hassle), the ability to do the whole thing in stages - get to the Lodge, relax for a few days, do expedition, and take few days relaxing at the end. As an Arabic speaker with some contacts in Morocco, I think I could offer some unique features at that end as well. I have lots of ideas on how to make the experience more luxurious and generate some positive local economic impact but I'm not sure there would be a viable market for it once the price starts heading upwards....

More importantly, the idea would be to not have to rely on the expeditions as the primary source of revenue. I would see the bulk of the business in "fly to Spain/Portugal, leave the family at the pool/beach and do some good offroading locally". Substantially increases the likelihood of a favourable response from otherwise reluctant sand bags.... :D I suppose one could also generate a certain amount of non-offroading based holiday makers looking for something other than the concrete jungle of mega hotels by the beach.

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The idea is good

I like the idea of go traveling around marocco with out the two day drive to get there.

relax for a few days then go for a play in the sand...

sound like a laugh wheather it keep SWMBO happy is the other thing...

mind you the lazing around she likes but concrete jungle she hates.

Don't take my word for it this is just my thoughs, other people like other things from holidays

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