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I think my car has been in a bad **** film...

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I thinl you will find that it will settle down a bit as it dries out. Make sure you get the stuff into the box sections and seams as well AND don't forget the previous advice about thinning it with white spirit!

After I took those photos, I removed quite a bit of it with a brush, pushing bits further into seams etc. When I strip the passenger door down, I'll thin it with white spirit before spraying...

...how long does it normally take to dry (as much as it will)?

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You will find that it will cure quicker with the White Spirit.

Strangely enough I actually enjoy applying Waxoyl but I have some tablets that help keep the feelings in check :ph34r:

I think perhaps once I get the trim panel back on the door, it will look a bit better and stop applying itself to my trousers/skin/shoes/carpets every time I go near the car.

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