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How come we like what we like


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Why do we have people that love there hobbies so much


I grew up with LR and my older sister (much too her discust) and brother had them an so I when into them..

My first car memories of growing up are of my mums P6 V8 then a Toyota Supra 2.8i and my dad's SD1 Vittesse, then cortina estate (I try to forget the massive Pug thing he had) then 110 county V8 in 1984 which is the one that still sticks in my mind even now..

My brother remembers my mums LR's but they were before my time..

from that time on I have been fairly blinkered on LR's and 4x4's other mates were into steem engine and tractors etc.

at junior school my best mates dad had Shogun and we argued about which was best all the time and we would also argue about our mums cars over which was faster as if we know what we were talking about...

This is why I play with LR's so much, come on guy's what your excuses

Or am I just very board at work and wasteing everyones time :)

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