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200Tdi Auto


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I'm thinking of getting an automatic 200 series disco. I know there isn't too many of them around, but I've seen a few of them floating around on eBay and they tickle my fancy a little bit. I'm quite seriously thinking of 'investing' in one. I was wondering if it's a combination that works well as my only experiences have been with a TD5 disco and a 300, both manuals. It wouldn't be for the daily commute or anything, it would be purely for the rough stuff and greenlanes, which is why I thought the auto might be appropriate. Any experiences/comments(helpful ones, mind)/ suggestions much appreciated.


Al. :)

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I think you will find the performance utterly underwhelming but it is fairly easy to tweak the 200's fuel pump to get slighlty more acceleration. They are not the commones combination in the world, but people round here seem to like them.



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oh i was told it was like driving in 4th everywhere, i havent looked at the gearing tbh. got enough faults to fix before i worry about any more mods for a few decades... :huh:

I think you'll find 4th in auto is higher than 5th manual, manual 5th is .77 and auto 4th is about .72 IIRC.


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I have had a 200tdi for just over a year now and i think it is great off road when greenlaning and on playdays, I do find it will slow on the motorway when u hit a steep hill but normaly it is ok. It is a little slow on takeoff but u get used to that, and the fuel econ is standard for motoways but goes down if u do alot of stop start. However the control u get on the dirt is great. Hope this helps.

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