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Torque wrench recomendations.....

Guest MJG

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Any body care to make a Torque wrench manufacturer recomendations.....

I'm looking to buy either new or used but am unsure as to what to go for in terms of make/manufacturer. (i know i'll probaly need a couple to get the range of settings I need)

They seem to be either worryingly cheap £10-£15 (and by implication cr@p) or very very expensive (The likes of SnapOn) - I don't really want to spend an arm and a leg on one as it is just for my dabblings as a 'weekend mechanic' (as my garage owning brother in law calls me....ruddy cheek.. :angry: )

Equally I don't want somthing that is going to break easily or be so far out in terms of accuracy that it will cause more problems that it is worth....... :(

Views welcome please and thanks in advance to those who take the time to reply....

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Ive had a Sykes Pickavant one for the last 20 years. No problems so far, though should probably get its calibration checked sooner or later. Just another job on the 'to do' list.



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"Ive had a Sykes Pickavant one for the last 20 years. No problems so far"

alot of Sykes Pickavant Torque wrenchs are made by Norbar ;)

i have 2 Norbar, 1 Sykes Pickavant and 2 Britool (big and very big)

but Facom own all the above anyway :rolleyes:


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