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Range Rover Ignition Problem


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Its a 4.2 LSE with a vapouriser LPG system. Has been working fine for ages on both fuels.....

Last weekend, I drove south to pick up my Unimog and when it was warm, the engine would not restart. Eventually, had to call the AA - chap was very good and figured out that it may be the RPI A & R Amp. If we removed the power cable from the coil while the engine was being cranked, then touched it back on, it would start.

I've since replaced the RPI Amp, the coil and the capacitor but to no avail. :angry:

Has anybody got any ideas? - I'm about to run a two core cable from the coil to allow me to do the on/off game without having to bother a passer by (3am in a remote service station last Saturday - I'm sure the lady thought I'd nicked it!).

Any serious suggestions are gratefully received - I did consider the Swan Vesta's :blink: but I like the wagon too much (When it is running ok :D )

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IMHO the rpi amps are not all they are cracked up to be.

The not starting when hot is often an amp prob, why not just shove back on the std amp (grease it to the dizzy before bolting on) and see if that does it. Other than that when it does run is it 100% ?

Without any more info I am sort of poking in the dark, the amps can be fine for either a long or short time, but often they "Play up" before finally waggling their feet in the air ?


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I replaced the amp with a new one and exactly the same problem re-occured yesterday. :huh: Strangely, I have not flicked fuels and it has been fine today (on/off a few times as I've been helping a mate cut & dispose of some trees!).

However.... it blew a sodding water hose off at the tip !! (Guage had hardly moved) :( So... now I need to drain the stream water out and put 50/50 back in..


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