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I hate to say this, but it's nearly time that my Series and I parted ways. Being heavily modified, I'm not really certain how to stick a price on it. I could just stick it on eBay and see how it does, but I thought I'd ask the audience for their opinion.


Series 3, 88 with a truck cab.

Rebuild completed about 3 years ago. Chassis totally done over, numerous coats of primer/paint etc. Originally with a V8, but since swapped for a TDI - see below.

Bulkhead repaired.

New brakes/lines/master/slaves.

Parabolic springs

Monroe gas dampers

New fuel tank

PAS conversion

R380 + 300 TDi

Remote oil cooler

Series wings, but Defender bonnet/grill to get everything to fit.

TD5 instrument cluster.

Otherwise, standard :P

She's a good solid reliable (Yes!) truck. She's noisy, uncomfortable and difficult to drive - just like every other Series. There are a few dents and dings, and she's a bit ragged around the edges - just like a Series should be. However, the TDi+R380 means that she will keep up with traffic and do about 350 miles on a surprisingly small tank of diesel. That works out at about 35mpg.

Totalling up what I've spent over the years, it must be nearly £8k.

So, the question: What would you pay for this truck? A standard series, with a modern twist?



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Hmm, that's an impressive list! Where im from there are VERY few 200tdi motors floating round because the discos over here don't rust out etc. a fully original series with decent panels, road legal and no rust goes for around $7000 (£3500).

If it was mine I would throw it on for £6000ish... Sounds fair to me haha as far as I know, you never seem to get your money back on parts money. I would certainly pay $12000 here for something like that!!

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Uhh not so quick.

With those mods it would not be road legal unless the mods (PAS conversion and engine/transmission upgrade) have been certified by an engineer. That will cost probably about NZD800-900. Getting it into the country will require a >>lot<< of cleaning to pass the very stringent customs requirements. That will cost bux too.

I think something like that might be attractive to a local buyer but since it has been modified, it will be likely to attract less than one that is original and straight. Local vehicles last longer because we don't salt our roads, so you will get higher value vehicles with *no* rust.

Me? I'd pay no more than NZD4500-5000 for a straight series III 109 with all the fruit. One that is heavily modified goes down the scale from there.

For what you have described, look no more than NZD3500.


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Haha! Maybe I got a bit excited! Certainly a cool machine. I want one!!

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