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Salisbury Disc Conversion


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Found this sometime ago on on of the forums, IIRC Diesl Jim posted it, so any thanks should be credited to him :D I'll get round to doing mine oneday maybe :rolleyes:

get the drum braked salisbury,

pull the whole lot off,

but leave the stub axles in place.

get an ex 90 front axle,

remove the hub & stud assembly (this is the bit with the wheelbearing in that the wheels bolt to).

then buy a pair of the salisbury rear axle calliper mounting brackets

(used on the early disc braked salisburies

before they started making the casings with the calliper brackets moulded into them).

bolt these on,

then stick the front hubs onto the salibury stubs (they fit straight on).

use the front spacer thing (with the tag on it) onto the rear stubs. (it will be able to rotate about 10 degrees either way,

but it won't when everything is tightened up),

then adjust the wheelbearings as usual.

the standard drum braked salisbury halfshafts WILL fit perfectly.

i measured mine with the differential out on a salisbury casing and its exactly the same as with drum brakes fitted.

you need to fit either: rangie rear discs with rangie callipers (small pads though.....)


110 rear discs and 110 rear callipers. much better, but more expensive,

the rangie callipers are <almost> 2 a penny.

they both share the same bolt spacing that fits straight onto the mounting brackets.

If you use the rangie callipers,

then you'll need to grind/cut/mill about 4 mm off of the brackets and callipers

(2mm off of each will do) to get the callipers to clear the edge of the disc,

so it may be easier to get the 110 brakes.

i've done the conversion on an axle that is going to go onto my rebuilt 90 soon.

just got to get the callipers milled a bit. i'll post some pics ASAP.

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