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I'm looking for a bit of feedback from anyone who has experience of runniing and living with both Freelanders and Disco's. I currently own a 2001 GS 2.0 Td4 diesel manual station wagon which has proved excellent to accommodate the family of four, small dog and towing our caravans - we have owned this vehicle for over four years :D . I have the opportunity of changing to a 2003 GS 2.5 Td5 diesel 7 seater auto Disco (face lifted model). If this particular Disco that I am looking at was not for sale I would not be thinking of changing just yet as our Freelander does everything we need right now. The reason I am considering this is mainly due to the extra seating capacity to take other family members out and about with us and the extra safety margin for towing our twin axle caravan. I am concerned about the running costs of this larger vehicle i.e. fuel, insurance, servicing etc. I will not be able to park anything larger than a Freelander in my garage and have concerns about leaving it open to the street at night - i.e. theft. Both vehicles get good reports what do you think - is a Disco2 really worth the extra cost? :unsure:

I have a similar posting in the Disco' forum too.

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I havn't looked on the disco site

I have both freelanders and disco's

I moved from using the freelander every day to the disco..

we have had three freelander and loads of disco's currently a Td5 ES auto

Freelander is a better motorway car full stop.

Discovery is allowed to tow more and is much more powerful

(Tin hat on) if the freelander was more powerful it could out tow a Disco 2 on stability hands down. This is why the RR3 and Disco3 are much better for towing.

Don’t get me wrong I love my disco I spend three hours a day driving to and from work in it.

And do loads of very heavy towing with it

Freelander is a little faster but the disco will keep up no problem.

Disco has more road presents (people get out of you way)

Security I don’t know which is better…

Freelander to a Disco is the natural progression but the disco 2 is much bigger inside and out.

Disco td5 26-32 average

Freelander td4 30-35 average

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Freelander td4 30-35 average

Naaah, that's your heavy right foot! 35-40 more like!

Seriously, try the driver position in the Disco compared with the Freelander - strangely, I feel like there is more room for the driver in the Freelander. Whenever I drive our company Disco, I end up knocking my elbow on the driver's door - very reminiscent of the Defender. I'm sure I would soon grow to become used to it - it's only becasue I don't drive a Disco very often.

I don't find the ride very comfortable in the Disco 2. Have heard of more people compaining of motion sickness in the larger model ... but ... it's stacks better than some of the competition. I don't consider that I have a deluicate stomach or that I am a nervous passenger (or I'm in the wrong job!) but I still haven't recovered from my last trip in a J**p C******e.

Discovery definatly is a more prestigious car and has more of a presence. That can be a down side if you have to park it on a street or in a dodgy city car park.

What ever you go for, I'm sure it will be good fun!



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