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Onboard air install


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This weekend i finally made a start of my Onboard air install. :rolleyes: The plan is to mount a tank (or two) under the rear floor, and use an electric compressor to fill it. I've got the compressor mounted in the landy but am unsure how to plumb it to the tank

Ideally, i'd like it to come on and off by itself at preset presures (the same as my compressor in the garage does)

Is there any way i can do this ? I'm using a compressor from my TruckAir which only has a manual on/off switch.

Another question is what pressure should i keep the tank at ? I'm only going to be using it for airing up tyres,

and operating the ARB locker.

Any usefull advice welcome B)

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its all been a dream Bobby........

Nige - you didnt eat any "sweeties" from Andy did you over the weekend? :lol:

100psi is the max an ARB will stand before it has a paddy IMS, I run tanks at 150 psi and used a seperate regulator for the ARB feed - more tank psi and literage makes reseating beads less of a pain

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ARB needs a minimum of 85PSI max is 105 PSI

585 kPa and 724 kPa

and no, I would never take sweets from either a stranger or a man in a latex gimp suit, even if I knew him, erm, personally not in the biblical sense you understand.......

Oh, unless they were chocolate bourbons or Marshmallow teas cakes, :lol:


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